Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cosmic Dreams

I'm not serving my own universe, but am responsible for illustrating the imaginary world of others, sharing it with inspiration." - Christian Lacroix

Inspired by the great man himself, I found myself making these magical pieces.

Victorian Spring
Penelope was always a great romantic. Her dreams are always filled with sweet young ladies in corsets and colorful ball gowns happily enjoying the company of chivalrous men in their dapper suits. She imagines the soft laughter of ladies being drowned by the sound of the horses hooves hitting the cobble-stoned streets. Oh, how she wished to be part of this beautiful world of galloping horses, delicate lace gowns, freshly picked flowers and coquettish romance. A world that once was, a world that will never be again. But she has her dreams and the flowers and lace that she wears in her hair.

Summer Frolic
Lily spends most of her summer days lying in fields of flowers. Her cheeks often flushed from the heat of the warm summer sun and her eyes sparkle at the thought of popsicles and the cobbled stones of worlds beyond her dreams. Her mother thought it was silly for Lily to spend her days with her head in the clouds, but Lily knew otherwise. She knew her daydreams would take her places someday. But for the meantime, she'd rather laze around and make crowns of flowers.

Autumn 's Embrace
Chelsea loves to sit in the park under her favorite tree which she lovingly calls Monica. Monica is a regal tree with branches outstretched far and wide. She has witnessed most of Chelsea's teenage life. Chelsea's first love, first kiss and even her first break up. Just as Chelsea witnessed how seasons have changed her favorite tree, Monica has likewise seen how each season has also made Chelsea bloom to an even more beautiful person. And just about this time of the year, for the past 10 years or so, when Monica's leaves are just about to change its colors, Chelsea would spend an entire day just sitting by her tree and watch as each deep-hued colored leaf gather around her. She mindlessly creates a wreath of leaves and flowers that have fallen from Monica’s branches, a little souvenir until spring comes around again.

Child's Play
Marisa and Rosie are two of the most opposite sisters you will ever meet. They hardly agree on anything and quarrel over almost everything, but if there is one thing that they can ever agree on - it is child’s play. They both love to play make believe and let their imaginations run wild. Sometimes, they even dress up in their swimsuits and pretend they were mermaids in search of the sunken city, Atlantis. Other times, they would gather little rosebuds from their garden and make headbands and pretend they were fairies in Neverland. Whatever adventure they were having, they were always fighting for the same team, and keeping each other safe. These are the times when they are the sisters to reckon with.